Calcium-Mineral Blocks

USA Sourced Ingredients:
Calcium, Oyster Shells, Flavoring

HealthyHen's Flavored small calcium-mineral blocks. USA sourced. Healthy Hen is available at

Calcium Mineral blocks are sourced from natural mineral deposits in the USA. They come in three different sizes to suit small birds, medium and large parrots. Choose from a variety of popular flavors including natural. Your bird will peck and chew while gaining important calcium to his or her diet as well as cleaning and maintaining healthy beak and nails.

Small Calcium Blocks
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HealthyHen's Flavored large parrot calcium-mineral blocks. USA sourced.
Large Calcium Block
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“Hi Ms. Melanie!  My Budgies, Woofer and Tweeter, devour your fresh Cuttlebones as soon as I put them in the cage. Thank you for adding them to your website so I can keep my birds happily chewing! The stores only seem to sell tiny, stale products. My hen, Tweeter, loves it the most! Their vet says Woofer and Tweeter are thriving with vibrant health! Your friend and loyal customer.”— Joy

“Just wanted to say thank you from Danny and Bella, my beautiful canaries. They love the cuttlebones and are thriving on them. Thank you again.”— Maya

HealthyHen Package #7 includes 2 Fresh Medium Cuttlebones and small calcium-mineral block for small birds at

Package #7 for Small Birds

• Small Calcium / Mineral Block
USA sourced (choice of flavors)

• 2 Fresh Small 4+" Cuttlebones with Plastic Clip


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